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Episode 59: Saved and Sober: A Transforming Journey out of the Stronghold of Addiction with Christian Edwards
16th November 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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When a young basketball player suffered a serious back injury, the medicine he was prescribed initially helped relieve physical pain from the injury, and graduated over years to numb the God size void in his heart.

Listen to this stereotype shattering account of a long-term addiction; with the classic addiction markers of isolation, self-loathing, shame, projection, and denial; transformed by the steadfast love of a woman on a mission from the Holy Spirit.

There is always hope and freedom available through surrender to the one true God. If you, or someone you know, is flirting with addiction or held captive in its grip, find hope and encouragement in Christian's testimony.

In this episode, you'll learn:

-Addiction is bondage and will hold a firm grip on your life...03:30

-A wholesome, secular youth upheld false gods of family and sports...05:30

-The big questions of life plague a young man without satisfying answers...08:30

-Euphoria. The feeling of the first painkiller initiates the grip of addiction...10:45

-Common stereotypes of an "addict" are deceptive and allow the enemy to wage war on anyone, because addiction does not discriminate...12:25

-Addiction makes many excuses...16:45

-Addiction likes to hide; isolation and alienation help keep shameful secrets safe...19:30

-I Love Lucy. There is something noticeably different about this God-fearing woman...23:30

-Encounters with a Christ-like love are perspective shifting...27:30

-The Holy Spirit speaks; a specific charge to Lucy to reach Christian...29:00

-"Do it again tomorrow" Amazing advice when God doesn't respond immediately...32:00

-Setting healthy boundaries when the addict you love causes fear; "I'll help you, but from a distance." -Lucy...35:00

-Discover the best advice for those living with and loving addicts...37:30

-The ripple effect of Christian's surrender brings many good things...41:00

-Don't allow 'good' to rob you from your best; discover, develop and deploy your God-given gifts...43:20

-Deliverance from addiction is available to all through surrender and transformation; there is hope!...47:30

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