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You Can’t Insult A Happy Person - Laura Rubinstein
31st May 2021 • Micro Success Secrets • Tad Stephens
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00:01:55 the yellow brick road 

00:02:52 even the hard times had gold in them

00:05:06 I worked through my fear and chose to be the entrepreneur

00:05:38 Network marketing came into my life 

00:10:39 the answers are all in front of us

00:12:34 If you focus on your breath that gets smaller and smaller

00:13:26 if there was a reset button I'd work on my self esteem.

00:16:19 I have this curious nature 

00:17:17 I have so much in my toolbox for people to help them

00:19:00 the only reason people don't treat each other well

00:20:59 a free book

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