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When to break the chain in your podcast - 1KP0087
Episode 879th December 2019 • 1000 Podcasters • Bryan Entzminger
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You might have noticed that I’ve been missing for a few days. After podcasting daily for over a month, you didn’t hear from me and I also didn’t give any explanation.

I think there are a few things we can learn from this.

Listen to find out:

  • What was so important that I didn’t podcast for 3 days.
  • Why I think this was the right choice for me.
  • Three times you should consider reprioritizing your podcast - especially if it’s a hobby or passion podcast.
  • The one thing I hope you don’t discover too late.

Do you agree or disagree? Did I miss something? Hit me up on Twitter (@TopTierAudio) and share your thoughts.

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