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Alignment & The Healing Journey
Episode 424th August 2022 • The Nest Podcast with Dr. Maryska Taylor • Dr. Maryska Taylor ND
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Welcome to episode 4! 

On this episode I’m joined by my friend and colleague Dr. Renata Taravski. 

Renata's a straight-talking astrologer, spiritual mentor, reiki master and naturopath who cuts through the “spiritual fluff,” to deliver the sassy cosmic wisdom you didn’t even know you were searching for. But what makes Renata a true master of her craft, is her commitment to helping empaths, spiritual entrepreneurs, healers and seekers confidently service the world the way they were born to do.  

If you love a no-BS approach, with a lil’ woo-woo she's your girl!

In this episode we cover:

  • Alignment: what it means and how to know if you’re in alignment
  • Astrology: as a tool for alignment, awareness and understanding yourself
  • Cosmic energies 
  • Renata’s transformational journey to alignment and astrology

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