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Meet Laura Shook Guzman, Co-host and Somatic Psychotherapist
Episode 229th May 2017 • Women in the Business Arena™ • Sonya Stattmann
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Get a chance to know Laura Shook Guzman, my sidekick and co-host.

Before we take you on the liberation journey, we thought it was important for you to know who you are listening to.

n this episode, I interview my co-host, Laura Shook Guzman. She is my soul sister.

We met as single parents and entrepreneurs in Austin, Texas and decided to move in together to share the challenges of being in business and being single moms.

While we were living together, we came up with the idea of a work/life balance centre, co-working space and wellness centre: Soma Vida was born.

Our journey together has taken us around the world, into new marriages and with a few toddlers now in tow. Laura shares with you some of her path to liberation, business and success. Join us to explore what it really means to be a woman in business and a female entrepreneur. 

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