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#43 Robert Trimble, DVM - Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy
Episode 4328th June 2020 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, Dr. Trimble executive director of the VETERINARY ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY (VEA) joins the show for a wide-ranging discussion. VEA's mission is to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship from within the veterinary profession. We discuss the following

  • The history and mission of VEA.
  • The far to common narrow focus that veterinarians often have on their career.
  • Changing from providing knowledge to wisdom and why that matters so much.
  • The nine core elements of business and how to think differently.
  • Why veterinarians are great problem solvers and possess the skills to be great business creators.
  • The vision for expanding programming to those already in the workforce vs. only students.
  • His favorite VEA story.
  • How can the industry support VEA

Learn more about VEA :

Students check out the resources on how to get involved:

Dr. Trimble's LinkedIn:

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