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Ep. 9: NBA Finals Preview - The Neverending Nuggets Narrative, Curtain Call for the Lake Show's Supporting Cast, Coach Spo Strikes Back, and Has Anybody Told Jimmy Butler About the Bubble Barber
28th September 2020 • Do You Even Watch Basketball? • Lacer Media
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On this episode, Los and Elise discuss:

  • Gordon Hayward is missing from the delivery room (01:57)
  • NBA's Reaction to the Breonna Taylor Ruling (08:20)
  • Are the Nuggets getting the respect they deserve? (12:42)
  • Breaking down the Lakers roster beyond LeBron and AD (21:20)
  • How Coach Spo, Old Man Iguodala, and everyone not named Kendrick Nunn are the reason why you should take the Heat seriously (36:40)

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