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135. Raising Luminaries: 5 Shifts to Make as a Family First Entrepreneur
Episode 13520th October 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Entrepreneurial parent, family-first entrepreneur, founder family - these are all the phrases that capture the essence of what matters to you. You're not just an entrepreneur, you're not just a parent, you're this beautiful combination of the two. And we’ve put a little definition together to continue to paint the picture of what that means. 

To us, a founder family captures the entrepreneurs who have successfully integrated their family and business into one powerful mission in life together, and it results in fulfillment, freedom and legacy. We're raising luminaries, the people who will go on to inspire and influence others and who are prominent in their sphere. And in many ways, we're raising ourselves up to be luminaries as well. 

If this sounds like you or who you aspire to be, today's episode is going to give you a few key shifts to becoming and working towards being that family-first entrepreneur. Because it's all about being a work in progress, the little decisions we make, those small 20 minute increments of our day that lead to the big picture, vision and legacy that we're craving and creating in our minds.

Let's raise them up right!


[2:35] Growth Happens in a Trusted Place

[5:26] Leaders Raise Leaders 

[7:13] Show Them the Power of Entrepreneurship 

[8:27] Break the Rules  

[10:02] Business and Family 

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