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Georgia Foster: How hypnotherapy can be used to combat behavioral drinking and addictions
2nd April 2020 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Clinical Hypnotherapist Georgia Foster is a leading specialist in behavioral drinking. Her recent book and online programs offer an alternative for anyone who wants to learn how to drink less without giving up completely. Georgia has helped thousands of clients take control of their drinking, increase their self-esteem and improve their relationships with family, friends and co-workers: all without the need to stop drinking.


It's entirely possible to drink less by tapping into the power of the brain to change habitual behavior – in just seven days. Therapists typically offer an all-or-nothing solution when someone identifies a problem with the amount they drink.


Georgia's programs include non-judgmental and reassuring practical advice, positive and effective meditations and short hypnosis recordings, exercises and assignments to increase communication, and resources for those who are still struggling with alcohol consumption. 95% of workshop participants reported a moderate to significant reduction in their alcohol intake, based on survey returns.

Resources mentioned:

  • Drink less in 7 days - Georgia uses short questionnaires and tick boxes to help the reader establish how they currently relate to alcohol and then gives simple, practical steps to help the reader take back control of their drinking. -
  • Georgia Foster's Online Programs -



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