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That Thing About Angels Among Us, with a Celebrity Psychic FULL EPISODE
Episode 1427th July 2020 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode we explore That Thing About Angels Among Us, Whether or not believe in angels, if they’re real, what an Angel is and what they can do for you! You’ll learn if you have to be religious in order to believe in them, and why do they exist. How to connect to them including your pets! We are going to answer these questions and more with celebrity psychic Laura Michelle Powers, who has a gift when it comes to talking with angels and teach you how to connect with them to benefit your life in a positive way! You’ll learn that Angels and demons DO exist in our lives, whether someone believes in them or not, and not determined by religious or spiritual beliefs. Join the Conversation in this two-part episode, the first of a six-part-series. Visit One More Thing Before You Go website for more info and links to Laura Powers | | | 310-598-7871

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