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SPoilercast: Spider-Man No Way Home (2021)
Bonus Episode18th December 2021 • Sequel Pitch • Sequel Pitch Podcast
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Sound the spoiler alarm once again, because the time has finally arrived!

Spider-Man No Way Home has arrived in UK cinemas, and we've only gone and had our first in-person meet up to watch it and give our pre-movie predictions, some non-spoilery thoughts, and a very thorough breakdown of the whole movie.

Expect a bumper length episode, and an incredible number of tangents from 4 over-excited men getting steadily more inebriated and fuelled by energy drinks as the night draws on!


0:00 - Intro & pre-movie predictions (potential spoilers if you've avoided ALL trailers)

8:51 - Spoiler free impressions


22:30 - Prediction scores

31:19 - Step by step breakdown

2:24:08 - Final Scores & Outro

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