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The Wacky World of Diabetes - David Kliff EPISODE 9, 26th May 2021
CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care Talks Tech with John Sheridan
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CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care Talks Tech with John Sheridan

When it comes to diabetes tech, it’s the results that speak louder than algorithms. Results driven and starting his career in high-tech, John Sheridan became an authority on tech start-ups leading him to his COO and leader CEO position in Tandem Diabetes Care. His strength has been in leading the commercialization of complex technologies, building the organizations and systems to support business objectives, and predictably delivering financial results. John is all about the patient and the positive experience they’re left with.

As a leader in diabetes technological innovation, I’m excited to learn from John as the CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care talks tech.

[00:01 - 02:49] Opening Segment

  • I introduce John Sheridan
  • Some background on John’s story
  • Starting in high-tech 
  • Working for start-ups 
  • Joining Tandem as a COO
  • All about the patient

[02:50 - 13:11]  CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care Talks Tech

  • John talks about the user interface of the T-slim
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • In depth human factors testing 
  • Projections on future dynamics on pumps 
  • Seeing the benefits of Control IQ 
  • Building systems around the pump 
  • Improving user experience
  • Going beyond the algorithm
  • Algorithm is important, results are more important 
  • Current goals and improvements

[13:12 - 18:49] Navigating Market Competition 

  • John talks about T-Sport 
  • The difference from Control IQ
  • Moving forward in convenience and discretion 
  • Full mobile control 
  • A response to Omnipod5
  • A competitive response 
  • Size and aesthetic comparison 
  • Having products that appeal to many 
  • The opportunity for innovation in the market 
  • Moving from pens and needles to a pump 

[18:50 - 23:08] Closing Segment

  • Let’s talk five years out 
  • Devices will still have a meaningful presence 
  • Close but not quite fully set it and forget it 
  • Quick technological advancements catching the attention of payers
  • Talking about the Companion Acquisition 
  • Tandem’s future plans
  • Thank you and please share this 
  • Final Words 

Tweetable Quotes:

“I think you gotta look beyond the algorithm. The algorithm is important, but you gotta deliver the results.” - John Sheridan 

“It’s not gonna be this linear advancement of technology. We now have a portfolio of products that appeal to different people. Some people would prefer to continue to use a pump that has an interface on it, some would prefer to have mobile control; the smaller device.” - John Sheridan 

“There’s a number of opportunities that are similar to pens that are out there. I think that right now we’re all about trying to increase the penetration rate in the MDI community; we think iteration is going to do that, and I think that pens are going to help.” - John Sheridan

Connect with John on LinkedIn. Go check out https://www.tandemdiabetes.com/ to learn more about this leader in diabetes technology. 

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