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Last Dance review; MJ/ Isiah beef-takes one to know one;Just walk away Detroit; Go to college young men; In Patrick Ewing I trust
2nd May 2020 • Wendell's World & Sports • Wendell Wallace: Sports talk radio host and broadcaster
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My thoughts and opinions about episodes 3&4 of the documentary, The Last Dance. Beside himself and his teammates, what other group of people are responsible for Jordan being the icon he is today. Why I have no problem with the Detroit Pistons walking off the court and not shaking hands after losing to the Bulls. Why MJ calling IT an a**hole is a look in the mirror situation. Is the NCAA doing enough to persuade HS basketball players from going to the G league. Another example of what college can do for an elite athlete. End off the podcast by pledging my belief in Georgetown Hoyas basketball coach Patrick Ewing

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