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Patrick McAndrew: Maximizing Focus & Attention - A Guide to Maximize Your Potential & Productivity
Episode 59713th June 2023 • Master Mind, Body and Spirit • Matthew Belair
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Today’s guest is the Founder & CEO of HARA, he focuses on developing the whole person, knowing that high performance is determined by how you live - not just how you work.

He helps develop habits of mind to thrive in competitive environments.

He has trained leaders and high-performing teams to bring more structure into their lives for greater: Focus; Energy; Productivity; Mental Resilience & Life Balance.

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Show Notes:

- Speaker took a speed reading course and became interested in memory

- Started working for Iris Reading, the largest speed reading and memorization training company in the US

- Many people struggle to focus and retain information

- Importance of creating stability around evening routines

- Negative impact of depending on external tools

- Emphasizes the importance of creating space for oneself through commitment and organization around key pillars

- Focusing on life structures and routines can help improve the quality of one's rest and cognitive capacity

Topic: Mindfulness and Attention

- Discussion is distinct from mindfulness

- Emphasizes identifying values and focusing on key things important for accomplishing one's goals

- Limits and boundaries on our attention can help us tap into our internal potential and experience the present moment fully

Topic: Reading and Learning

- Fixation, sub vocalization, and regression are habits that slow down reading speed and can be shifted

- Setting goals for how much to read before starting can help maintain focus and attention

- Developing a note-taking system can aid in retaining and revisiting important information

- Integration and actively engaging with the material is crucial for understanding and retaining new concepts

- Passive forms of learning may limit depth of learning

Topic: Natural Mechanisms and Pseudo Environments

- Abundance of technology and pseudo-environments

- We are still ruled by natural mechanisms

- Trying to maximize and optimize our experiences can only happen in pseudo environments

- It is important to find a balance between creating boundaries/structure while still having interactions/experiences with the real world

Topic: Evening and Morning Routines

- Nightly review is just as important as the morning routine

- Planning tomorrow today is crucial to tie up uncompleted tasks in one's mind

- Practices like swimming, walking, sauna, and journaling can be therapeutic and relaxing

- Evening aspect is most important and can breed space and life into one's morning routine

- Every individual's routine may differ based on their circumstances

Topic: Personal Organizational Design and Internal Alignment

- People often do not intentionally decide how they organize their lives, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed

- The speaker is hesitant to reduce tips and techniques on how to organize one's life because it varies from person to person

- The challenge for many is that they have designed their lives to be as available as possible, making them completely unavailable to themselves

- The speaker is more interested in exploring one's internal state and aligning it for a major shift in the quality of attention and potential, not just productivity

- Well-being, Clarity, and Growth

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