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The Impact on Women as the Social Safety Net - My Conversation with Barb Provost
Episode 323rd May 2024 • Empower Her Wellness • Shelly Drymon
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My conversation with Barb went around the world! We discussed the lack of caregiver support, how women are society's safety net, and why it's never too late to get your financial house in order.

While we often focus on the physical and emotional aspects of caregiving, it's crucial to remember that the financial impact is just as significant. This aspect deserves equal attention in our conversations

Purse Strings offers a variety of free resources to get you started, including financial planning guides, investment tips, and budgeting tools. Download them all here.

Barbara Provost is the founder of Purse Strings and is devoted to giving women access to easy-to-use resources and qualified financial professionals who focus on serving women.

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