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Ep #7 - Scuse Me, Are You An Introvert?
5th January 2019 • The LITO Podcast • LITO
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Are you an Introvert or Extrovert? That’s actually a question of Energy! Introverts aren’t necessarily shy. Introverts tend to expend energy in social interactions, while extroverts look to the same scenarios as a source of energy.⚡️ Both introverts and extroverts seek rewards. It’s in WHERE they look for them that the difference lies. Extroverts derive feelings of reward from their immediate environment, while introverts gain them from their inner thoughts. To be a better business owner, team leader, partner or friend, it’s important to know that your introverts need solitude and downtime, while your extroverts will tend to get restless if they go too long without some sort of social interaction. Join us in this week's conversation! --------- Come say hi! Rebecca online: Dan online:



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