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FORMULA INDIE 07.11.2020
7th November 2020 • Formula Indie • European Indie Music Network
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Izzie's Caravan - On The Pull

Haiducii – Respira (JxA & Luca Laruccia Remix)

Justin Murta “Are You Ready ft Charlie Barrale, Ovylarock”

Osea Codega - Flyin' 

Andy Michaels Ft. Kerry Ironside - Angel 

Osea Codega - Make me feel 

Gloria Loring - The Best of Me

Rohan Solomon - Victoria s Secret

The Dream Logic - Biznasty 

Brandyn Cross - “If Money Talks (It Ain’t Sayin’ Much to Me)

Des Cox - In My Day

Luckie Boy - Cry Myself To Sleep 

Darrell Kelley – 7 Times

Vanlalchhanhima Ralte feat. NoahSoundz - Need Is Need

Gabriele Saro – Is It Love

Reepocussion – Twerk

Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – So Cold

Livefromcedargrove - Off The Block 

Manny Cabo – All night again

Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – Lovin Clubbin

Fadi Awad ft. Nicole Carino - Into The Night 

Anticorpi – Cortesemente (Mi diresti che m’ami?)

Captain Kuda – Never

Jørg = LeeLa

Fletcher Holloway – Lysergic

Tom Mullen - Invisible Hand

Everyday People - a Neo Sly Stone Experience -Hot Fun 

Amir Beats - Got Em Throwin Dollars 

Suraj Mani – Rinse & Repeat

Savannah - We Are Us

Jørg – D.N.A.