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Welcome Wendy Beasley, Author of "Beasts and Butterflies"
Episode 201st June 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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On this episode of the "Once and Future Authors" Podcast, we welcome Wendy Beasley, Author of "Beasts and Butterflies."

Wendy has been writing her whole life, starting with articles, and publishing a weekly column for a national magazine, and two non-fiction books. She focused mainly on non-fiction until the chance arose to tell a story to her granddaughter, a calming and intriguing fiction story.

Since then, Wendy realized she had a knack for it, she had a story to tell, and she was determined to see where it all went!

"Beasts and Butterflies" is the mysterious thriller that has been grasping readers from the start! Formulated from a single idea and developed as Wendy wrote, it came to be and has surpassed expectations! With readers writing rave reviews, they exclaim about the novels' strong character development that leaves you rooting for them, the smooth and suspenseful flow of the book, and the inspiring tale that has been put before them!

TW: r*pe

Following the tragic story of Rachel, r*ped and pregnant at thirteen, she is forced to leave her hometown. Then, years later, she is given the opportunity to go back home with her young son... But, can she face everyone she left behind, the feelings she left behind, and the attacker she left behind? Follow along in "Beasts and Butterflies" to see if Rachel can finally find the love and the closure she craves.

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Hear exactly how Wendy came to write her novel, her process, and how she unlocked her feelings to bring the story to life!