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Success Inspired - Vit Müller EPISODE 45, 27th February 2021
Doing the uncomfortable, building discipline and achieving goals with Jakub Zajicek

Doing the uncomfortable, building discipline and achieving goals with Jakub Zajicek

My guest today is young entrepreneur from my home country of Czech republic.

In his short career he's had so far, over the last 4 years he's co-founded 2 great mobile apps, one that helps people to share their skills and another which helps podcasters to grow audience.

In his most recent venture he co-founded mid last year is a podcast guest booking agency 'Speak on podcasts'.

We talk about entrepreneur journey and lessons he has learned, resilience, discipline and what doing the uncomfortable intentionally means for him and how it can help you be more successful at what you do too.

Speak On Podcasts is a podcast relations agency helping people to get booked on podcasts your target audience listens to.

As a part of their hands-off process, they can help you:

  • Pick your ideal audience
  • Identify the topics you can cover
  • Craft your compelling podcast call-to-action
  • Build your speaker's website
  • Write hyper-personalized email introductions
  • Get you booked on podcasts
  • Create content for you
  • and much more...

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  • (00:00:23) - Introduction of today's guest Jakub Zajicek
  • (00:01:51) - The beginning of Jakub's entrepreneurial journey
  • (00:04:14) - Talking briefly about cool opportunities in the podcasting space
  • (00:06:43) - Scaling a growing business and it's associated challenges like employee recruitment & leadership.
  • (00:13:55) - Power of LinkedIn, cool strategies for networking, building your audience & business opportunities.
  • (00:19:31) - We talk about Clubhouse, what it is and why should you know about it?
  • (00:22:06) - Wheel of life as a tool for goal setting
  • (00:24:50) - Jakub's story of finding love by doing the uncomfortable
  • (00:31:13) - Jakub's process / way to achieving goals and becoming more disciplined
  • (00:40:58) - Some important take away points - message to you the listener
  • (00:49:16) - Interested to be featured on a podcast? Get it touch with Jakub
  • (00:53:53) - Sharing my own story of doing the uncomfortable

Motivational Quote from this episode

"It all boils down to doing the uncomfortable stuff.
In any area where you're not satisfied with. It will hurt. Initially, there will be some friction, It won't go smoothly, but that's how you know, that you're progressing "

(Jakub Zajicek)

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