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#8 Zack Bornstein: Bigoted biscuits, stand-up heroin, Twitter politicians
Episode 819th March 2021 • Follow Friday •
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What is it like to be the most popular person on Twitter for a day? Comedy writer Zack Bornstein can tell you — he's been that person three times, thanks to his jokes about politics and current events that frequently go viral.

"Finally some good news," he tweeted in June 2020, on one of those three days. "Scientists discovered a treatment that can reduce COVID19 transmission by 70%, and its just a piece a cloth you wear in front of your dumb f**king face."

On today's episode of Follow Friday, Zack talks with Eric Johnson about the funny people he wants to be friends with, why comedians like to work together, and the real government official who looks like he "could pick you up by your throat and lift you off the ground in a movie."

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