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Season 2 Trailer: Expanding our Dreams
Trailer8th March 2021 • Dream Awakening with Misha Chakrabarti • Misha Chakrabarti
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We're back! Welcome to season two of the Dream Awakening Podcast. 

On this podcast I have authentic conversations with people living with purpose. We’ll speak candidly about the joys, woes, laughs, traumas, and mishaps on the not-so-straight and narrow path to manifest a full and vibrant life. We’ll hear stories of the vulnerable moments of stepping out of the shadows and into ourselves. We’ll feel the full range of human emotion and maybe even connect more deeply with ourselves and the world around us. Along the way, I’ll look to answer questions like “how do we discover our passion,” “how do we find the courage to follow our hearts,” and “how do we keep the faith?”

In season one we heard stories about dreams relating to creativity, travel, and spirituality. This season we’ll continue to hear about these types of passions but I want to expand the notion of what a dream is to include love, parenthood, activism, and entrepreneurship. I feel this is especially important at a time when the world has been ravaged by a global pandemic, an epidemic of fake news, and an addiction to technology. At a time when our mobility and sociability are so heavily restricted, it’s even more important to connect with ourselves and find an inner spaciousness and abundance. Often it’s easier to move into this manifestation when we see people we relate to recounting their reveries and revelations.

In addition to expanding your concept of what is possible, I also invite you to broaden your idea of who you can relate to. In the first season we heard from mostly millennial women. This season we’ll hear from people living vibrantly from different generations, genders, and walks of life. By hearing from storytellers of all sorts, I’m hoping your humanity surprises you and that you wind up empathizing with people you previously thought were worlds apart. 

To hear the podcast in Spanish search “Despertando Sueños con Misha Chakrabarti”. Taking the first step to awaken your dreams can be daunting, but sharing our stories we do not walk the road alone.