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Trailer20th July 2022 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Do you know a thing or two about Grit and perseverance?

Then you've found your community. We are The Grit Show. We are the givers, doers, and the warriors; and this show is about what comes next. 

We are ready to take a deep breath, to let the sunshine in, and flourish.

This is our place to come together and look at tools and ways of thinking that create stronger connections, lead us towards alignment, direct us towards purpose, and allow us to thrive. We do this by creating a community, having conversations with thought leaders, and by interviewing individuals whose lives exemplify this. 

It’s the place where we realize we may not have all the answers, but we can start asking better questions.

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Shawna Rodrigues 0:00

Welcome to The Grit Show. Thanks for checking us out. Are you a giver, and a doer? Someone who pays a lot of attention to the needs of those around you? Do you work in a profession that takes a high toll on your well being? Are you someone who knows what it means to have a before and an after line carved through your life? Perhaps your warrior who's a little weary and wants a break from the fight. If any of that describes you, then you found the right place. This is your community. I'm your host, Shawna Rodrigues. I'm a creative, change maker, and a storyteller. And I'm someone who can identify with all that someone's, has just described. Like many of you, I've had my share of opportunities to exercise my grit muscles. Yeah, grit muscles aren't really a thing, but I'm sure you understand what I'm saying. That's essentially where the show's title comes from. Talk more about that in episode two. The title about this community, we, are The Grit Show. And what's on this show is about what we need. About what comes next. We are ready to take the deep breath. To let the sun shine in so we can all flourish. The Grit Show is about creating a community for growth on purpose. This is our place to come together and look at tools and ways of thinking to create stronger connections, lead us towards alignment, direct us towards purpose and allow us to thrive. We do this together by having conversations with thought leaders on topics related to it. By interviewing individuals whose lives exemplify this. It's a place where we realize we may not have all the answers, we can start asking better questions. It's also where each of our conversations ends with something small and actionable to bring into our daily lives. Because that is how growth happens one little baby step at a time.

Shawna Rodrigues 2:12

Our first episode launches on Tuesday, July 26, and I'll be looking for you. After that we'll continue to release an episode every Tuesday. Those are conversational episodes. They're usually around 45 minutes in length, and primarily interviews with thought leaders who have a myriad of backgrounds. People with backgrounds in human design, organizational development, co-parenting post divorce, motivational music, Lyman and relationships, and even author who published her first book on the eve of 50. Went on to be USA Today's bestseller.

Shawna Rodrigues 2:45

It's a variety of perspectives hold insight for the way you navigate your life each and every day. On Thursdays we also release episodes. These are much shorter, less than 10 minutes. We call these Thursday thoughts. They're even numbered, and their titles all start with a double T. These are when I get you one on one for a little bit. We get to know each other better. This is a space for your thoracic questions so we can become a larger part of the dialogue. It's also where I get to tell my story. I like telling stories.

Shawna Rodrigues 3:17

At this point, the best way to start is to follow us and even drop us a DM if you'd like on Instagram, @The.Grit.Show. Or you can send us a note on our website, We've even got a mailing list and have regular giveaways and coloring pages for anyone that joins us. You'd see it on our website. Before you go, we have a special shout out to get to John Michael Farley. The mastermind behind this shows fabulous theme music. He is a man of many talents. I look forward to connecting with you next week. Until then, take care. Seriously, take care of you. You're the only one of you that the world's got and that means something.




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