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Audio Branding - Jodi Krangle EPISODE 57, 16th December 2020
Interview with Life Coach & Shamanic Sound Healer, Kaye Doran - Part 2
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Interview with Life Coach & Shamanic Sound Healer, Kaye Doran - Part 2

I'm excited to be sharing the second half of my interview with Kaye Doran. In the first part, Kaye shared so much with us and what she does in her work. In this second part, we're continuing the conversation about everything from how to use your own tools/instruments to how she uses her work to help heal people with grief to channeling a child’s way of thinking. It's such a calming end to our interview! 

In this second part, we cover:

  • How Kaye shares with her clients so they can continue their own healing
  • Her whole purpose - to empower her clients
  • The importance of breathing in everyday life
  • When people eventually get to the point where they need to see her for help
  • The shadow work
  • Releasing negative energy in a productive way
  • Letting our minds help heal us
  • How Kaye helps others overcome grief
  • What to NOT do when it comes to overcoming negative energy
  • When to ask for help
  • Our internal voice
  • Kaye’s simple tools that lead to actual change
  • Kaye’s fear activity (that you can do, too!)
  • Accepting our internal knowing 
  • The “good” parts of fear
  • Using outside things to help motivate you through negative thoughts
  • Helpful resources Kaye has for you (on her website)
  • Kaye’s upcoming coaching program
  • Her thoughts on a final product launching this month

If you want to follow Kaye Doran or find out more about what she has to offer, you can find her here:

Website: www.Kayedoran.com 

FB Page- Inner Expressions: https://www.facebook.com/Inner-Expressions-260662878197298 

FB Group- Rise and Shine Women: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340808953165931

This episode was very skillfully made to sound beautiful by the talented Humberto Franco (http://www.humbertofranco.com/).

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