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Doing Business in Africa with Deanne de Vries
Episode 5119th September 2022 • Charter Cities Podcast • Kurtis Lockhart
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The West’s misconceptions about Africa are vast, particularly when it comes to the realm of business. Today we are joined by Dr. Deanne de Vries, who has worked across the continent in various capacities for over 30 years. She is currently an advisor for firms looking to enter the African market and is the author of Africa: Open for Business. In this episode, Deanne fills us in on the challenges and the exciting opportunities for doing business in Africa, sharing insights into the evolving tech and startup scenes. We discuss Africa's agricultural and manufacturing sectors, and Deanne breaks down what governments need to do to boost these industries. To hear about the community-centric focus of African business and to find out why on-the-ground integrated local presence is far more valuable than any data, tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

•   The history of Deanne de Vries’ work in Africa.

•   The ABC of learning to do business in unfamiliar territory: Appetite, Bandwidth, and Capital.

•   The evolution of the African tech scene.

•   The focus of Africa’s startup scene.

•   The potential for French-speaking West Africa to rise in the tech sector.

•   What governments can do to boost agricultural productivity in Africa.

•   The importance of access to the market, in terms of agriculture.

•   The challenges faced by Africa’s manufacturing industry.

•   Why African business can’t be judged by statistics alone.

•   The number one key to success for doing business in Africa.

•   Deanne shares a case study to illustrate the importance of being on the ground.

•   The potential of the African Continental Free Trade Area to promote business in Africa.

•   The greatest Western misunderstandings about doing business in Africa.

•   The challenge of data accuracy across Africa.

•   What trumps data when it comes to doing business.

•   The number one way to de-risk any deal in Africa.

•   Deanne shares her chocolate chip cookie story.

•   The impact of China's increasing presence across the continent.

•   The influence of Turkey, Russia, and the UAE on Africa.

•   How best to think about market entry in Africa.


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