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Dave Thompson, the man behind one of the top Napa Valley wine sites,
Episode 175th January 2021 • PEOPLE Behind the Places • Steven Rea
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My guest today is Dave Thompson whose passion or what he might call his obsession with Napa Valley wines has led him to create probably the number 1 website for people interested in Napa Valley wineries, 

We so often romanticize about a certain lifestyle, without recognizing how much work and devotion the people in it make to their craft. One could say that about wine and talking with Dave, one can understand how it applies to travel writing as well. 

In Dave’s case, his love for Napa Valley wines and their stories, has led him to visit, taste and review over 1050 wineries over 15 years, with hundreds of revisits. Even with such extensive Napa Valley coverage, it’s only part of his passion for travel as he explores the world, writing, taking photographs and sharing in depth and with great detail about these places on his website 

On top of that he’s built up and shares his explorations with almost 400k followers on Twitter. It’s a fascinating conversation where we get to see his inspiration and a behind the scenes look at the life of a modern day wine and travel blogger. I hope you enjoy listening and learning as much as I did. Enjoy! 

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