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Christine Teo: A senior government advisor, social worker, entrepreneur, human rights advocate, policy writer, educator, visionary, and public speaker using her time on this earth to make a significant difference in the space of human trafficking and chil
1st June 2021 • She Inspires Me • Caroline Brunne
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In a challenging yet incredible episode, Caroline chats with Christine as they discuss the complex and astonishing facts around human trafficking and sexual abuse, the work that is being done to create safety for the victims, and the hope that lives in survivors. Show Notes: Connect with Christine Support the work of Generation 414 Purchase a cupcake Purchase the book - Reasons to Live The story Christine refers to, the story of Queen Ester can be watched here - You can find the work of A21 here You can find the work of Project Respect here If you need support after listening to this episode we recommend Lifeline or phone them on 13 11 14