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Episode 2316th May 2022 • The Strology Show • The Strology
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On today's episode, we've featured the Five up-and-coming astrologers who are presenting lectures at The Eleventh House's Emerging Astrologers Summit. Their lectures are on highly-anticipated topics such as queerness, indigeneity, neurodivergence, fatness, and devotion, all through the lens of astrology!

Sarah Rubio Amaya (she/her) is a psychic medium, healer, astrologer, and human design reader. Through her practice, Shadow Femme, she provides her clients with channeled insight and healing, in way that's conversational, low-key, and approachable. As a queer and neurodivergent person of mixed ancestry (Filipino and European), Sarah especially enjoys working with others who think differently and who grapple with complex identities. It is her mission to assist intuitive and curious souls in healing their emotional and energetic blockages, understanding themselves more deeply, and connecting to the support and guidance of their benevolent spirits.



Rose Blakelock is a queer astrologer currently based in so-called Northern New Mexico who seeks to use astrology as a liberatory tool of connection and contemplation. She is also the cohost of Big Dyke Energy, a monthly podcast that explores pop culture and astrology through a queer lens.



Adina (she/her) is a lesbian jewish astrologer currently based in NYC. She holds a BA in Folklore and Mythology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies and is currently earning an MA in clinical psychology with a focus on Spirituality, Mind, and Body. Adina’s astrological practice explores the relationship of self to the personal, interpersonal, structural, and cosmic in a way that fosters self-compassion and deep exploration. When not astrologizing, Adina loves binge-watching television, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and doing fiber arts.




Jalen is a Black Queer Astrologer living in Metro Detroit. Jalen is a Traditional Astrologer, who focuses on understanding how our knowledge of astrology and the planets is inhibited by capitalism and white supremacy. Their astrological practice, “The Chalk of the Sky” seeks to use the language of the stars to help black people re-contextualize our place in the cosmos and lead us towards healing and liberation.




Kenny the Astrologer is a non-binary, puerto rican psychic astrologer, tarot reader, & lunar witch who has been studying the craft since 2017. They are magickal, easy to talk to, & are a walking safe space. Kenny strives to inspire people to live unapologetically, & show people how to tap into the energy of the cosmos. They want to help those who feel isolated & lonely begin to tap into their magick & harness their true power. If you want to learn more about their practice or work with Kenny, visit their website linked below.




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