A Mindset For Success
Episode 292nd August 2022 • Ascending Change • Jennifer Ayres
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To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must put effort into your work - and yourself. Symptoms of poor mental health like burnout and stress can cause harmful effects in other areas of life, like their physical health, relationships, and even business pursuits. Leaders and team members alike rely on their mental well-being to support them and their overall progression through life. So, how can people maintain their mental health to support their entrepreneurial success? 

On this episode of the Survive & Thrive podcast, host Jennifer Ayres is joined by guest Lance Knaub. Lance is currently the leader and business coach at Denali Consulting. He is a founder and partner at Breakthrough Physical Therapy and Fitness and even wrote a best-selling book called "The 4% Breakthrough" to help others reach entrepreneurial success. Together, Jen and Lance talk about cultivating and maintaining a mindset for success.

How Can Mental Health Affect Your Entrepreneurial Pursuits?

Introducing Lance Knaub (1:41)

Jen introduces her special guest Lance Knaub of Denali Consulting. In addition to being a founder and partner at Breakthrough Physical Therapy and Fitness, Lance is an adjunct assistant professor at Rutgers University and has a best-selling book, "The 4% Breakthrough". Lance shares a little about your journey and how it's led him to his profession as an entrepreneur in the physical therapy business.

Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap (3:14)

Soon after graduating from physical therapy school, Lance and his wife Jody, also a physical therapist, were looking for a change in how they could deliver care to their patients. He explains what it was like for them to take the entrepreneurial leap, a business decision that would allow them to offer their preferred therapy practices. From then, he shares how he fell in love with entrepreneurship, grew his company, and used his knowledge and experience to help other entrepreneurs.

Health Neglect and Burnout (5:10)

While taking on the new challenges to support other entrepreneurs, Lance found himself with a problem that affects many entrepreneurs - burnout. He shares how his mental health struggles began to affect other areas of his life. Fortunately, he improved by engaging in personal development and learned how to help other entrepreneurs prevent burning out and stay healthy while scaling their businesses.

The Connection Between Health, Personal Development, and Careers (7:49)

According to Lance, health, personal development, and our careers are intrinsically connected. He explains this belief and how integrating your mental and physical health through your business pursuits is crucial to entrepreneurial success. Lance also shares more about his personal development journey and provides recommendations for how listeners can do their own soul searching to identify their priorities and create a solid framework for their health and success.

Mental Health Post COVID-19 (10:23)

Lance and Jen discuss the importance of mental health and how it relates to recent world events. The pandemic tested people mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and Lance believes that the Great Resignation is a result of people's soul searching. He explains the neuroscience behind mindsets and mental health and why these aspects are so crucial for making positive change.

Lance's Suggestions for Improvement (12:40)

Lance provides his suggestions for the leaders and entrepreneurs looking to improve their mindsets and mental health, which include identifying priorities, planning for success, and activities like meditation to help support brain health and mental well-being. For example, meditation benefits the body and mind, relieving stress. Additionally, purposeful silence can be valuable to your personal health and in managing emotional responses.

The Effects of Improved Mental Health (15:32)

Poor mental health can cause negative impacts on other areas of life. But when we strengthen our mental health, we support the other aspects of our professional and personal lives. Jen and Lance discuss the many ways that entrepreneurs can take care of their minds first to see improvements in other areas of their lives. 

Supporting the Well-Being of Yourself and Your Team (17:45)

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders can help support their own well-being and the well-being of their team by putting effort into being good listeners. Lance and Jen discuss the importance of listening and checking in with people to lead successful teams. Affirmations and positive feedback/self-talk can also motivate individuals to create personal development plans to reach their goals and excel in their work.

Leadership Encouragement (21:07)

Jen and Lance speak on ways for leaders to promote self-talk and self-belief techniques and strategies to the rest of their team. In addition, Lance shares his experiences with providing frameworks to support his staff members and even leadership teams to help them identify their priorities and plan for success. 

Why 4%? (23:13)

As a final question, Jen asks Lance to explain why 4% is in the title of his book and where he got that percentage. Lance speaks about how 96% of small businesses fail in 10 years, and his mission is to reverse this trend and support the entrepreneurial success of his readers.

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