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The Manila Podcast with Anton Diaz and Spanky Enriquez - Anton Diaz EPISODE 4, 25th February 2021
SUMMER 2021: What to Expect and Where to Go!
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SUMMER 2021: What to Expect and Where to Go!

SUMMER 2021: What to Expect and Where to Go!

+ Vaccines, Clubhouse, Valentines Day/ Chinese New Year Update

with Anton Diaz & Spanky Enriquez

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction / Kamustahan

• What happened during the Chinese New Year / Valentines Weekend

• Covid Impact to the Hospitality Industry in Manila

• Battle of the Generations Gen X vs. Millennials vs. Gen Z

18:00 What Happened During Valentines?

• Home Delivery vs. Romantic Dine-In

• Post Analysis Report from Resto PH

26:00 Main Topic: Summer 2021: What to do and Where to go?

• Travel Insight -- Why People will Travel this Summer

• Ideas on Where to Go and possible destinations (Batangas, Pampanga, Coron, Boracay, El Nido and Bohol?)

• Important for accommodation: Strong Wifi and Water Element

40:00 Planning your Pampanga Trip this summer

• Best road trip destination with good food

• Micro-catering at Home in Pampanga?

• Safety issues and consideration when traveling

58:00 Preparing for Modified GCQ in Manila?

• MGCQ Concerns in March

• Why Filipinos are not for Vaccines and other considerations?

1:30:00 Conclusion

• Shows to watch out for: Hapinas & Being Sofia