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Conversations with a Firefighter - Body dysmorphia and mental health
23rd July 2023 • MyoMinds Podcast • George Mycock
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Disclaimer: Within this podcast we speak about disordered relationships with exercise, food and body image.

In this episode of the MyoMinds Podcast I speak with Graham, a firefighter, yoga instructor, and fan of the pod! Graham and I have been in contact for over a year now and have spoken on the phone many times about general life as well as our shared experiences with mental health concerns. We thought it was about time we brought one of those conversations to you all!

This conversation is also aptly timed as in November 2022 the 'Independent Culture Review of the London Fire Brigade' was released and spoke about some concerns regarding mental health within the workforce. We discuss this and more in the pod.

Take a listen to hear us discuss:

  • body dysmorphia and mental health
  • Graham's story of mental health
  • How yoga has affected Graham's mental health
  • Graham's experiences in the fire brigade
  • Graham's experience of the 'Walk and Talk 999' group

We skipped the devil's advocate question in this episode, as we touched on so many topics that we didn't feel we needed to!

If you would like to follow Graham on socials you can find him here:

Instagram: Gfunkyogi

Facebook: Gfunkyogi

Please remember that no episode of the MyoMinds Podcast can be used as a replacement for medical advice and/or care.