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Vanessa Raymond Victory Through Confidence
Episode 35213th May 2024 • Legacy Roadmap Podcast • Robert Peterson
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Vanessa Raymond and Robert talk about the legacy of performance, from performing on stage as a dancer to speaking on stages to audiences of business professionals Vanessa shows the importance of confidence and developing your self as a leader. Vanessa shares how to grow their confidence, improve relationships and create a powerful personal brand.

Our guest this week is a seasoned international speaker, author, confidence and success coach, as well as a multiple business owner.

After performing professionally on stages around the world for over a decade, Vanessa Raymond pursued a career in the fitness and wellness industry. She focuses on helping people improve their quality of life by becoming healthier and reducing pain. Vanessa understands the connection between movement and mental-emotional toughness for success in both life and business.

As an educator, Vanessa has created multiple national CEC-approved education programs that have impacted the success of thousands. Drawing from her experience in various industries, she created the Self-Image and Confidence Coaching Certification Program, known as The Victory Factor.

Vanessa is also a successful entrepreneur and serves as the COO for Achieve Systems, one of the largest entrepreneurial & business owner communities and coaching support systems in the industry. She is a devoted wife and mother of three.

Vanessa helps entrepreneurs, speakers, and leaders improve their confidence, create meaningful relationships, and establish a powerful business image, enabling them to achieve success personally, professionally, and financially.





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