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Introducing Let's Think Digital
Trailer12th December 2022 • Let's Think Digital • Think Digital
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Let’s Think Digital is a new podcast about what it takes to use digital technologies to transform our world to improve peoples’ lives. Hosted by Ryan Androsoff, Founder of Think Digital, and an incredible community of digital innovators from all walks of life, this podcast goes beyond the hype of founder culture.

Our focus isn’t just user counts, funding rounds and quarterly profits. Instead we’re going to talk about why systems resist change, and how transformation is just as much about people and culture as it is about tech stacks.

You’ll hear a wide range of topics, from the link between procurement and digital government, to the impact of new technologies like the metaverse. From equity, inclusion and ethical responsibilities for tech, to why governments can’t be run like businesses, particularly when it comes to providing digital services to citizens. We’re eager to talk about the political and philosophical ramifications of technology and what it means for the future of government. Our goal is to help you to learn about how digital is impacting our world, to ask better questions, and to be able to call bullshit when you need to! 

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