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Write Better & Sell More with Color Coded Copy System with Sage Polaris
Episode 1941st September 2021 • How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners • Luis Diaz
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Copywriting is one of the most powerful skills you can have. A superb copy can drive up your sales and revenue and make people want to be on your email list. So, I invited Sage Polaris, a copywriting expert, to give us some really cool copywriting tips. Sage is also known as ‘The Launch Slayer’ from her proven track record of helping over 350 businesses earn millions off of a single launch. What’s more interesting? Sage invented the Color Coded Copy System which makes it simpler to design your copy based on the personality type of your target audience. I won’t say anymore. Just head on over to today's episode and discover how the Color Coded Copy System works.

In this episode: 

[5:56) Get to know your buyer’s character traits based on the four personality types (and write a copy that will appeal to each character)

[8:44] THIS is how podcasters can write  a lead magnet that will appeal to all personality types

[15:04] Connect more with members of different Facebook Groups based on the colorful personalities of your audience

[21:14] Triple Your Open Rate and other email marketing tips that are especially useful when reviving your email list (make sure to download the email template from Sage)

[25:17] Optimizing email subject lines and a few more tactics to get people to open and read your emails

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