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Maggie Berghoff: Feel, Look and Perform Your Best with Functional Medicine
5th August 2021 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Maggie Berghoff is the founder and CEO of Celproceo, a health agency rooted in functional medicine and trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs. Maggie’s expertise in building multiple thriving businesses online has also led her to becoming a sought-after business mentor for those building an online business. She has been featured in hundreds of places, including Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Under Armour, USA Today, local and national television, and many more.

  • 3:01 How Maggie turned to Functional Medicine for her own healing.
  • 5:13 The most foundational intervention on Maggie’s healing journey.
  • 7:35 Maggie’s early misconceptions about diet, exercise and nutrition, and how she learned from them.
  • 12:24 How changing her mindset ultimately helped Maggie's success more than restrictive diets.
  • 18:54 Maggie shares about her current involvement in the health industry, from consulting to writing and educating.
  • 21:34 Examples of the comprehensive lifestyle changes Maggie will assist her clients with to improve wellbeing.
  • 25:44 Maggie's book, "Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type."
  • 29:18 Thoughts on supplements, organic food, cosmetics and skincare.
  • 32:24 Maggie's approach to diet with her clients: what to add, what to take away, and how to handle it when one "slips" off track.
  • 37:26 Maggie's next endeavors.

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