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Seeking Sustainability LIVE talkshow from Japan - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 48, 29th June 2020
Baye McNeil | Diversity + Inclusion = Sustainability
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Baye McNeil | Diversity + Inclusion = Sustainability

Baye McNeil is an author, columnist, activist, speaker, and lecturer who has had a positive influence on building a more diverse, inclusive society in Japan. Here we talk about his books (see link below to Amazon), "Black Eye" monthly column with the Japan Times, work with NHK about Burakumin discrimination, calling out companies and TV companies for racist depictions of black people over the years, seminars and workshops with students to teach them about stereotypes and presumptions, the BlackLivesMatter movement and much more. Watch the YouTube video of this talk here.

Find out more about Baye McNeil + read his excellent work:

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