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Self-care Strategies for Highly Sensitive People - with Katie McDonald
Episode 922nd August 2022 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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B.nourished was born out of Katie McDonald’s own experience in trying to keep up with the growing demands of her corporate career. Katie found herself spiralling in the wrong direction and knew she was seriously at risk. She abandoned her C-Suite corporate job and stepped into self-compassion. She started applying her knowledge of self-care, alternative health and plant-based nutrition.  For the last 10 years, Katie has helped countless numbers of people find their way to better self-care. With her brand of tough love, she has inspired, empowered and challenged her clients and audiences.   


I agree with Katie about how important it is to reframe self-care. If it can be fully embraced we can stay on the path self-compassionate and impactful life. Enjoy our chat as Katie delivers up some thought balms.

I invite you to listen as we speak about:



00:08:18 Sensitivity as a superpower

00:10:00 How to leverage our sensitivity

00:12:04 How Katie committed to self-care

00:13:34 Our addiction to busyness

00:16:15 The challenge of the transition from work to home

00:18: 58 Self-care requires self-awareness

00:20:30  Curating your home for self-love and self-care

00:22:51 Liberating ourselves can come from being deliberate

00:26:51  Social media and how to show up with self-care

00:28:00  Trusting the resistance with social media

00:30:55  There is no “one way”  

00:32:58  What’s wrapped up in gender and the ability to express

00:34:56  Find the voice that says “I matter”

00:37:42  Advocating for self-care

00:32:00  “Love yourself” what does that mean?

00:41:55  Seek the soothing of self





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