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Episode 7: Deborah Snow Walsh offers insider secrets to Decoding the Executive Search Process
Episode 714th November 2018 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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Decoding The Executive Search Process – Ever wonder what does a recruiter or executive search firm do and how do they decide who to present as the best qualified candidate? When a recruiter calls, you know they are looking to fill a position. Listen to my conversation with Deborah Snow Walsh, owner of her own boutique executive search firm. You’ll learn what most hiring managers ask for, and how a recruiter determines you're the right candidate. Debbie and I answer questions like “what’s a good fit?” How a passive candidate can suddenly turn into someone looking for another job and two things people do that sabotages their chances of being presented to the hiring manager. Deborah Walsh – 20 year veteran as a senior level talent acquisition’s specialist. Deborah has a rich background working both inside some of the best talent search organizations as well as the CEO of her own boutique talent acquisition firm. As a women-owned boutique firm she’s had to prove her ability to deliver exceptional talent in a field controlled by large male dominated firms. Her ability to nurture relationships with emerging talent offering them guidance and exposure has served her well as she continually is refreshing her network of connections. You can reach Deborah via LinkedIn.

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