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The Happy healthy Marriage reset- Using Sincerity to erase baggage & Restore Love
Episode 2202nd January 2023 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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After struggling in his own marriage despite feeling like he was doing everything right and trying to follow all the mainstream advice, Chris Parsons discovered a secret hiding in plain sight that allowed him to totally transform his marriage.

He started coaching married individuals in 2018 whose spouse had "checked out" and wasn't interested in working on things. Through that process, he discovered that "advice" only worked for a little while, but what people needed was radical, belief-shifting, new perspectives to be able to create joy, harmony, and passion in their marriage.

Chris has been married to his wife Kerry Parsons since 2010, and they have four kids that they homeschool together.

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A Note from the QDawG;

For many marriages throughout the world couples struggle with communication. This struggle creates a volatile home life full of arguing and frustration. This environment at home leads to a sexless marriage and those struggles carry over into your professional life as well as your parenting. How do you initiate change?

Is there hope even when your spouse doesn't want to work on your relationship? The simple answer is Yes. Todays guest brought his marriage back from all of these factors as well as a separation.

This is the show for you!

Chris is a marriage coach and the author of the book The Happy healthy Marriage reset- Using Sincerity to erase baggage & Restore Love

Check his book out here: It Starts With You: The Secret to a Passionate Marriage & Peaceful Home (Even if your Spouse doesn't Want to Change): Parsons, Chris: 9798831188639: Books

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