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UPS Applications and Battery Failure
Episode 132nd February 2022 • DC Power Hour • Eagle Eye Power Solutions
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In today's episode, we talk about UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) applications and improvements that can be made based on seasoned expertise from George and Allen. The Battery Blarney duo talks about how UPS was initially used and the pitfalls of using it over the years. They talk about the problems with the batteries, the kind of lead used, their experience with it, maintenance and so much more. 

In the second segment, they are joined by industry expert and friend Al Warner, who has been involved in the UPS industry for 37 years. They talk about the several types of UPSs and which is the most reliable. They debate if UPSs are battery-friendly and what their problems are. 


12:41 In the last 10-15 years, there has been a major push to actually raise the operating temperature of the data room because they say the computers can operate at a much higher temp and that will reduce the cooling. 

13:45  When they introduced lead acid batteries, so-called sealed maintenance-free batteries, which we know are either sealed or maintenance-free.

17:24 In my opinion, all stationary batteries should use virgin lead. 

19:39 The big problem we have is that theoretically if you remove the charge, you then will not be causing the rate of corrosion. The only trouble is depending on how long you remove the charge from the battery, you will get into self-discharge and that's sufficient to do damage to the battery overtime. 

22:08 I'd like to move on to the fact that maintenance nightmares are another aspect of UPS battery designs.

39:51 I think flow charging is a disgrace to the UPS industry because it promotes positive grid corrosion.

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