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Buen Hombre - Enrique Morones EPISODE 4, 21st April 2020
Buen Hombre Interview: Rigo Reyes
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Buen Hombre Interview: Rigo Reyes

Welcome to our special edition of Buen Hombre celebrating the 50th anniversary of Chicano Park Day.  This week's interview features Rigo Reyes who is a legendary Chicano Park Figure.

From lowriders to community activism, this Buen Hombre truly represents what Chicano Park is all about. Check out these links to the projects that Rigo mentions. Also we are asking listeners to check out all Chicano Park projects, led by the Chicano Park Steering Committee. This week Chicano Park will feature films, and interviews on their facebook page listed below.

Rigoberto Reyes



Amigos Mural


Amigos Car Club