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Lessons In Consulting, Deal-Making And Acquisitions, With Brad Costanzo 
Episode 1959th September 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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You may know Brad Costanzo from the Bacon-Wrapped Business podcast, but he sits today as our guest on the show for a great conversation with Roland Frasier. Brad is a serial entrepreneur, growth consultant, and investor. This fly-on-the-wall type conversation will give you a great look into the processes, ideas, and strategies that you can use for creative deal-making. 

“The consulting helps feed potential deals and deals help fuel consulting. They work really well together. And the consulting fuels my entrepreneurial ADD!” Brad Costanzo

If you’re trying to launch your consulting career or add consulting to what you’re already doing, then you’re probably being asked for free advice all the time. Roland and Brad have a refreshing approach to this, and they share how to move into more serious client relationships.

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Listen Today For
  • What has gone well, and what has gone wrong in Brad’s recent creative deal-making.

When I had my first real success with my magic trick site, it was really from just doing deals with all the people who had the customer list and assets that I wanted.” Brad Costanzo

  • Two different ways to respond when somebody wants to ‘pick your brain,’ and you’re not sure how to charge them for consulting!
  • How to get your first five clients.
  • What makes up an ideal client for Brad, and what makes up an ideal client for you?
  • The Imposter syndrome that pops up when moving into territories with big competitors - and how to respond.

"But I don't have to know everything if I can ACCESS those who do”. Brad Costanzo.

  • His super-effective, creative meditation exercise that is helping him become who he wants to be.
  • How to scale a consulting model…or can you?

“I have to remind myself that man, it’s not that the things that got you here, won’t get you there. It’s the things that got you to here, if you continue to do them, will keep you from getting to the next level.” Brad Costanzo


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