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Laura Briggs: How To Leverage Podcasts As A Marketing Tool For Your Law Firm
Episode 226th May 2020 • Law in the Time of Coronavirus • Lawpods
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Is it time to pivot from your current situation and discover unique selling strategies; to offer unique products, services, and other valuable offerings? You know doing the same thing you’ve been doing, or worse, the same thing everyone else is doing, isn’t going to lead to a thriving practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s time to rethink your marketing strategy and take advantage of the increase in digital consumption that we’re seeing today. 

In this episode, host and founder of Lawpods, Robert Ingalls talks with Laura Briggs, professional communicator and producer of the hugely successful podcast, The Lawyerist. Laura reveals just how powerful podcasts are becoming and how law firms can capitalize on this unique marketing approach. A podcast is a multi-faceted tool, boosting client engagement by providing expert advice, knowledge, and resources to address the pain points of potential clients while decreasing bounce rates with engaging website content, increasing the ROI of your existing SEO strategy. Best of all, your listeners are developing a relationship with you and your firm before they ever pick up the phone.

The Advantages of a Law Firm Podcast

Laura explores the advantages of a law firm podcast, one of the most profound is allowing you and your firm to build those trusting relationships with your audience. Podcasting is an intensely personal medium and facilitates the creation of connections online, despite not having human-to-human contact. Through each episode, you can also showcase your firm’s expertise and make yourself a thought leader in the industry. 

Robert and Laura also provide tips and tricks for getting a podcast off the ground quickly, from the importance of pre-planning to the recommended equipment and software. Laura reveals several strategies to promote your podcast and maximize reach and ROI, like repurposing your podcast content into graphics, blog posts, sound bites, and audiograms.

For Laura, it’s essential to be mindful of the fact that podcasting is a continuous content marketing strategy, one that requires commitment and delivers results that last. If you’re keeping the needs and pain points of your clients in mind when you’re creating each podcast episode, you’ll quickly develop a loyal audience, and better yet, loyal clients.

You can find Laura Briggs at her website Better Biz Academy and The Lawyerist.

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