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Turning Data into Dollars - Inte Q EPISODE 1, 26th May 2020
Email Marketing and COVID-19
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Email Marketing and COVID-19

Welcome to the First-Ever episode of Turning Data into Dollars – where we ask industry experts to share insights into how to best use your most valuable asset…your data.

With an abundance of disparate data sources from social media, email, purchase, digital marketing, research and more…we help you connect the dots to develop customer engagement strategies that drive sales.

 Why should you care or listen to us? The reason is simple…at Inte Q, we know what it takes to influence consumer behavior and create evangelists for your brand – we’ve focused our entire business on it.

Today we are here with Jason Sisley, President and Founder of Den Aviary, a Key strategic partner with Inte Q. Jason is a digital marketing expert, managing communication strategy, email marketing operations, messaging strategy, and customer journey mapping for top brands in multiple industries for over 20 years. 

Resources Mentioned in Today's Podcast:

  1. MXToolbox: https://mxtoolbox.com
  2. 250ok: https://250ok.com
  3. Den Aviary: http://www.denaviary.com
  4. Inte Q: https://inteqinsights.com

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