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People Pleasing – Wrong or Right?
12th June 2017 • Set Apart Podcast • Leslie Ludy
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In our self-focused society, the idea of “people-pleasing” has become something to be avoided at all costs.  Our culture tells us that unless we protect ourselves and put limits around serving others, we’ll end up burned-out and unhappy.  In this eye-opening episode, Leslie explores the real truth about what God’s Word says about people-pleasing (hint:  there’s a right way and a wrong way!) and offers practical insight on how to serve others with joy and strength instead of burnout and stress.

In This Episode Leslie Shares:

  • The inspiring example of the proper heart-attitude for serving, as seen through the story of Mary and Martha
  • How to serve without succumbing to emotional and physical burnout
  • Biblical principles for living a poured-out life and relying on a limitless Source of strength