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How to Move Forward When You are Off-Track for a Goal
Episode 3530th September 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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Do you sometimes feel that your plans are not going according to what you envisioned? Often, we get off-track from our goals in life, our career, our relationships and many more, but what do you do when this happens? 

On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin talks about the struggles that come along with being off-track for a goal. She shares what her experience was when facing such challenges. Kristin recommends many things during this episode, but one stands out, which is going back to your long-term vision. Make sure that your goals still connect with what you are truly working for. She shares 4 lessons that helped her in her goal achievement journey. Listen as she discusses the important lessons that we all could learn from in facing the struggle of being off-track. Expect a discussion that will encourage you to keep going even though you face challenges.

Episode Highlights:

6:05 If the goal no longer connects with your vision, then you have an opportunity to re-imagine that goal and set a goal that does connect with your long-term vision.

9:16 A competing commitment is an unconscious pact you have made with yourself to do something that will prevent you from reaching your goal. 

15:26 I am used to embracing the idea of increasing your activity and focusing on what you can control and pouring more effort into achieving a goal, but that’s not always the best tactic.

17:57 It is an incredible reminder to be mindful of the thoughts I am thinking, the words that I am saying and to take a step back and ask myself, am I self-sabotaging my own results with what I am thinking and what I am believing and what I am putting out into the universe?

20:44 I'm sharing these learnings and my insights today to help you realize that part of that gap closing process is learning how to keep moving forward when you are off-track, and learning how to embrace tracking, reflecting and planning.


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