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In the spotlight with Louise Humphrey from Paws4Running and Studio44 Pilates
Episode 11819th May 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Promoting your business can feel like a full time job along with creating your product or delivering your service.

And imagine what it might be like if you had TWO businesses to think about?

This week’s podcast guest is Louise Humphrey from Paws4Running and Studio 44 Pilates and that’s exactly what she does.

Two sets of social media, newsletter subscribers, websites and communities, plus a podcast and lots more.

Louise takes it all in her stride and in this episode we chat about how she juggles this, and the impact of raising her profile on both of her businesses.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.20 - What it's like having to promote TWO businesses and what you'll learn in this episode.

1.40 - About Louise and what she does in the pet industry. 

2.45 - Louise tells me about her podcast.

3:00 - Louise explains how she ended up in the pet industry 

5:30 - Louise shares how her business works 

7:45 - Louise tells me how she gets the word out about her pet business 

12:00 - Louise shares about the case studies she’s had 

15.20 - Louise tells me how getting press coverage has impacted her business 

19.00 - Louise shares the other opportunities she’s had recently for her pet business 

21.00 - Louise tells me what’s helped with her confidence when approaching the press

25.15 - Louise gives me her tips for people who want to make a start with speaking to the press

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