The Power of Hand Gestures
Episode 2510th May 2022 • THE NEURO SIDE OF INFLUENCE AND LEADERSHIP • René Rodriguez
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“You’re a PowerPoint slide. And anything you do is either contributing to your message or distracting from it.”

When most of us think of hand gestures, we might have a few rude ones in mind, but studies tell us that hand gestures are crucial for both the presenter’s recall AND the audience’s accurate perception of the message being delivered. René gives us concrete examples of how to use our body and especially our hands to take our influence to the next level.

But what about the over-expressers? René has you covered too as he outlines the concept of the Influence Zone and how staying inside of it can take you from overbearing to outstanding. Whether you’re born to hand jive or always keeping one hand in your pocket, this episode will help you break out of your shell and into the influence zone. Don’t miss it!

Show Resources:

02:00 - What is AMPLIFII™?

02:40 - We begin with “the Influence Zone”

03:40 - Holler and Beatie study

05:15 - Anchoring messages in your fingers

06:20 - Matching hand gestures can drive a message home

07:45 - Hand gestures can alter perception of character

10:25 - Personality Types

12:30 - Information Packaging Hypothesis

14:00 - If you’re the PowerPoint slide, are there any distractions?

15:34 - The Influence Zone or The Box

17:00 - Avoid international hand gesture confusion!

17:35 - How do you START?

18:20 - the Steeple

19:15 - your fingers are a gun, you don’t want to point them at anyone

20:00 - Take an acting class

20:35 - look at their feet!

22:08 - take it EVEN bigger!!

22:44 - Takeaways

24:20 - Wall Street Journal #2 Best Seller!!! Amplify Your Influence the Book