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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 8th October 2020
TCA Ep739: Big Boy Broadcast Voices with Tim Micallef of Tim & Sid
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TCA Ep739: Big Boy Broadcast Voices with Tim Micallef of Tim & Sid

On today's show Matt is joined by Tim Micallef of Tim & Sid on Sportsnet.

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On the agenda today: broadcasting a nation wide sports talk show from your basement, Tim's craft beer tastes, his days in Ottawa, how the loss of his brother impacted his career path, getting his start at theScore, why that station was able to launch so many prominent careers, his love for uSports and how he became so involved in that, the damage being done to Canadian football at the university and professional levels in Canada during the pandemic, the responsibility of having a large platform during times of societal change and Tim's desire to be a voice of good with that platform and tons more.

Tim Micallef is one of Canada's great sports broadcasters with a wonderful blend of professionalism and Personality. We were so glad he made a little time to jump on TCA.

Catch Tim & Sid on Sportsnet 590 The Fan in Toronto and on Sportsnet television across Canada from 5-7pm ET each weekday.

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