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What Investing Partnerships Can Learn From The Dating World, with Chris West
Episode 1327th January 2023 • Be & Think in the House of Trust • Servane Mouazan
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In this episode of Be & Think in the House of Trust, I am listening to Chris West, an entrepreneur and partner at Sumerian Partners and Sumerian Foundation who pioneered an enterprise-based approach to investment.

In the past, Chris worked with a variety of donors, governments, NGOs and businesses in over a hundred developing countries. Chris's approach to investing is like dating: there is something beautiful and inspiring in engaging in healthy relationships and empathising with one another. :-)

Highlights from this episode:

  • (01:40) Creating disruption
  • (06:35) Bringing value to investing partnerships
  • (10:14) Is social investment turning into commercial investment?
  • (16:03) Everyone should be obsessed with impact
  • (16:45) Being in the shoes of the people you support

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