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Wana Udobang: WanaWana
19th August 2020 • The Unsullied with Oreka Godis • Eregbaro
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Wana is, according to her profile, a Journalist, Poet, Performer, Filmmaker, Curator of Culture Diaries and yet, as you will soon hear for yourself, this is only but a fraction of the greatness of this one human being and all of the power she wields.


  • Wana’s origin story: (00:04:45)
  • Divorce isn’t a four letter word (00:05:53)
  • Wana as a book she wished her parents read before they had kids: (00:13:18)
  • Lessons from the black box (00:20:04)
  • Hangover: stitching together the fabric of 1999 (00:25:36)
  • Chronic fear of dependence (00:30:27)
  • Vulnerability: new level unlocked (00:34:09)
  • Oh, to be a self-sufficient island (00:36:27)
  • Tell yourself: you deserve to thrive and not just survive (00:42:25)
  • Do not demean who you had to be (00:44:13)
  • Sister Circle: The Convening (00:45:36)
  • Understanding interdependence, emotional intuitiveness and the role they play in healthy friendships (00:58:23)
  • D.J.P: DREAM actively, JOURNAL as a form of affirmation, PRACTICE living in your fantasy (01:03:12)
  • Expand your vision beyond the doldrums of life (01:08:00)
  • Clarity is important (01:19:21)
  • A tale of four words. It’s embarrassing. (01:22:06)
  • Books to read(01:25:41)

The Unsullied Book Club

Wana recommends: 

  1. Braving the Wilderness’ by Brené Brown. Available on Amazon and Apple Books.
  2. Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth’ by Warsan Shire. Available on Amazon and Apple Books (USA, Audiobook) or as part of Penguin’s collection.

Also available for your streaming pleasure are both of Wana’s current albums:

Wana is going to the overs. She thinks for three months, I say two years. Potato, potato.


Fahm, lets gather here for praise and worship plix. This episode very nearly didn’t happen oh. First of all, a pox on the internet service providers that threw all manner of spanners in the works. I completely lost Wana’s audio file because Smile were not smiling down on us that day ra-ra. I had to go through some weird hazing process to recover what I could. This unfortunately not only compromised Wana’s audio but also meant that of our nearly 3hr conversation that I was looking forward to only sharing some all the jewsziezt bits (and hoard the rest to myself, mwahahahahaha) we were left with less👏🏾than👏🏾an👏🏾hour of raw “useable” file, which after edit was....mahnnnn, as you are still here reading this, biko help me just branch by FayFay of 808Xtra abeg. She was under the weather and still managed to perform miracles on this one. She practically took razor blade, needle and irun-kiko thread to this and made patchwork quilt from the shreds I gave her. I hail 🙇🏾‍♀️


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